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As one of the only sports that can truly be played by people of all ages – Croquet is enjoying a surge in popularity as a sport that provides moderate physical activity and mental stimulation.

Croquet can equally be enjoyed as an individual or as part of a team or both socially or competitively.

Croquet can be a ‘no holds barred’ battle on grass, as players attempt to ‘win’ more hoops than their opponent – but in a very civilised way and has been fondly described as ‘a nasty game played by nice people’.

Individual clubs, as well as the state organisation, hold regular tournaments and carnivals to allow competitive players to pit their skills against players from other clubs, with a handicapping system helping to level the score between players of different skills.

The EDSAAC Croquet Club welcomes all new participants and provides a fun, enjoyable, welcoming and social atmosphere for all members.


The EDSACC Croquet Club provides four different codes of Croquet: association, ricochet, golf and gateball.

Golf croquet is the fastest-growing version of the game, owing largely to its simplicity and competitiveness. Golf croquet is easier to learn and play but requires strategic skills and accurate play.

Each of the codes of Croquet involve skill in hitting a ball and tactics to outwit the opposition and can be enjoyed by all participants.


Social or Competitive social, competitive
Age Groups All ages
Where based outdoor, land
Active Kids Compliant
Gender competitions male, female, mixed
Days weekends, weekdays​
Fitness Level low​
Individual or Team individual, team​
Cost Structure options​
Inclusive Info

If you would like to discuss how we can accommodate you to participate in in Croquet, please contact - edsacccroquet460@gmail.com

Equipment Provided All equipment provided​
Affiliated Associations

Croquet NSW
Australian Croquet Association


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