Central Coast Remote Control Club


We are an inclusive social club for the RC hobbyist or enthusiast.

Encouraging the safe use and enjoyment of all aspects of the Remote-Control hobby for all ages and all abilities.

Our aim is to listen to the voice of our membership and work to provide the needed facilities on the Central Coast.

For now, we are driving the social side of things while we fundraise for building track locations.

Once built, competitions will be another aspect of the club. (Please note, the location is only proposed for now)

Because we are open to all types of RC, we have members with a wide range of vehicles and skills. Club members are encouraged to meetup as a friends group and enjoy the hobby.

Things that are used include, Crawlers, Formula 1, Bashers, Drift, Touring Car etc. as an idea. These meetups are personally arranged by private chat. Club social events also happen several times a year to get all of us together.


Remote Control Car Racing


Social or Competitive social
Age Groups All ages
Where based outdoor, indoor, land, water, air
Active Kids Compliant
Gender competitions male, female, mixed
Days weekends​
Fitness Level all​
Individual or Team individual​
Cost Structure membership, options, introductory​
Inclusive Info

The club is open to all ages, genders and abilities. The goal is to give a home to, and grow the RC community, and fun.

Equipment Provided Own equipment required​
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There are currently no events for this organisation