ACROLife is a physical fitness practice applying the practitioner’s own body weight and movements, either alone, in a partnership or with a group, rather than external weights and machines, to develop a balance of strength and flexibility across multi-directional movement planes for a sustained healthy long life.

Developed by Australian – English facilitator Zoe Braithwaite, it is a mixed technique drawing primarily from her training as an Acroyoga International teacher.

“You can get to know a person better thru an hour of play than in a year of conversation”, Plato stated, because, thru play, we drop our inhibitions and connect to each other on an equal playing field. We learn to trust and feel safe with each other from early on, establishing a foundation for supportive and successful relationships.

Acroyoga is a functional movement practice whereby we learn how to work together in challenging and playful ways.

Utilizing partner and group exercises the focus on body alignment, core strength, and balance bring about strength, stamina, and flexibility, inspiring the mind and body to create personal change and improvement. Thai Massage and therapeutic flying balance the active and dynamic aspects of the practice with a recovery program that establishes a pathway for rejuvenation and injury prevention.

The group/team atmosphere adds an extremely fun and social element and attracts a community of adventure seekers that understand playing keeps us young at heart.

No experience or partner necessary.


Partner Exercises
Solo, Partner and Group Conditioning Drills
Partner Acrobatics – L- basing and Standing
Friendly and inclusive environment


Unit 1/2 Evan Cl, Wyoming NSW 2250, Australia
Social or Competitive social
Age Groups 16-18
Where based indoor
Active Kids Compliant
Gender competitions
Days weekdays​
Fitness Level moderate, high​
Individual or Team team​
Cost Structure membership, introductory​
Equipment Provided All equipment provided​
Affiliated Associations


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