The Central Coast provides a range of participation options for Softball enthusiasts with social and competitive competitions, development programs, and representative pathways, available through a range of Sport and Active Recreation providers across the Central Coast.

Central Coast Softball is the governing body for the game on the Central Coast and features eight community clubs across the region.

The two most popular versions of softball are fastpitch and slowpitch. Fastpitch is typically played in club and association competitions and is the traditional basis for the elite state, national, and international championships and events.

In fastpitch, the ball is pitched without limit on arc or velocity, which is the main difference to slowpitch. In recent years modifications have developed to meet the demands of the diverse range of softball participants.

In addition to the two main versions of softball, fastpitch and slowpitch, many other variations of the game have been developed to meet the demands of the diverse range of participants of all skill levels, age and experience.

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Softball is a popular children’s team sport as both boys and girls can enjoy the competitive nature of the game, while not facing the physical challenges of traditional mixed contact sports


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Central Coast Softball Association

Peninsula Ducks Softball Club

Blue Thunder Softball Club

Wingers Softball Club