Central Coast Sky Surfers


Our club supports active participation and safety in the sports of Paragliding and Hang Gliding on the Central Coast.

Both sports involve foot launching a lightweight aircraft from a hilltop or lookout and riding the air currents to fly for as long as one wishes and that the conditions are suitable for.

A Paraglider is a lightweight aerofoil similar in some ways to a kiteboard kite or a parachute with a sit in harness suspended underneath.

A Hang Glider is triangular with a lightweight frame and a fabric covering with a prone position harness suspended underneath.

Both are easy sports to enter with around eight days of initial training and a low-cost entry for an aviation sport.


Our club supports pilots with mentoring, safety briefings, regular events, equipment advice, site maintenance, competition information, participation, fun and camaraderie.

We have three members who are instructors and many senior advanced pilots who are there to help with any questions you may have about our sport.


Gosford Sailing Club, Masons Parade, Gosford NSW, Australia
Social or Competitive social, competitive
Age Groups All ages
Where based air
Active Kids Compliant
Gender competitions male, female, mixed
Days weekends, weekdays, am, pm​
Fitness Level low​
Individual or Team individual, team​
Cost Structure membership​
Inclusive Info

If you would like to know how we can accommodate you to participate in Central Coast Sky Surfers, please contact - secretary@centralcoastskysurfers.com

Equipment Provided Own equipment required​
Affiliated Associations

Sports Aviation Fed. of Australia


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