Gosford Scottish Country Dancing


Scottish Country Dancing is all about Fun, Fitness and Friendship.

You don’t need to be fit, have previous dancing experience, wear special clothes or have a partner; and you definitely don’t need to be Scottish.

We provide an inexpensive, happy, social environment while improving physical and mental fitness through our exciting form of dance.

With no Highland Flings or swords to be seen you will dance in groups of six or eight people to the sounds of exhilarating traditional Scottish music.

The dance steps and movement create flowing patterns and the dances can be slow and elegant or extremely lively so it’s a lot of fun.

Make a change in your life, do something different, try Scottish Country Dancing.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.


Scottish Country Dance classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.

Your first class is free. Please go to our Website for contact details: www.rscds.org.au/gosford

Our members are able to dance at social events locally, nationally and internationally.


299 Henry Parry Dr, Wyoming NSW 2250, Australia
Social or Competitive social
Age Groups All ages
Where based indoor
Active Kids Compliant
Gender competitions mixed
Days weekdays, pm​
Fitness Level all​
Individual or Team individual, team​
Cost Structure per-visit​
Equipment Provided All equipment provided​
Affiliated Associations

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Scotland.


There are currently no events for this organisation