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FAQ – Brisbane Water Rowing Club

1. Where are you located?
We are based behind Gosford Olympic Swimming Pool, 42 Masons Parade Gosford.

2. When do you train?
Rowing is a summer sport. Typically we will train from September – April as this follows the regatta season. As we have a small membership base, we can be flexible as to what time we train. Typically we would train at 7am on weekends and more experienced rowers will also train at 5am on selected weekdays. This would also be complemented by some land based strength sessions.

3. How fit do I need to be?
Rowing is a physically demanding sport which requires a moderate level of base fitness. For example, you may be required to carry a 55kg quadruple scull with three of your crew members down to the water. You should be able to swim 50m fully clothed in the event of an emergency out on the water.

4. What boats do you row in?
BWRC has both sweep-oared (one oar in both hands) and sculling (two blades in each hand). The number of people in the boat could be 1, 2, 4 or 8. Typically beginners will start off with sculling in a quad (4 people) or double (2 people).

5. How do I get involved?
If you have rowing experience, please contact the club and provide detail as to your previous rowing history. If you are new to the sport, we can arrange a trial. Please contact the club with your details including age, height and current fitness routine. Due to the set up of equipment it is best if you are at least 160cm in height and of a healthy BMI. Please note that we are a small club run by volunteers so when we take you out, we are volunteering our time to give you a great rowing experience. We are not a commercial gym with standard business hours. After a trial, membership to the club is upon invitation.

6. What is the best way to contact you?
Please email Sarah Dickson (BWRC President) at:


Sweep-oared rowing and sculling
Learn to row


42 Masons Parade, Point Frederick NSW 2250, Australia
Social or Competitive social, competitive
Age Groups 18-35
Where based water
Active Kids Compliant
Gender competitions male, female, mixed
Days weekends, weekdays, am​
Fitness Level moderate​
Individual or Team individual, team​
Cost Structure membership, introductory​
Equipment Provided All equipment provided​
Affiliated Associations

Rowing Australia (RA)
Rowing NSW (RNSW)
Central Districts Rowing Association (CDRA)


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